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Feb 13, 2013 12:00pm PST
and a call for a smarter, leaner government. he talked about bureaucracy reform and trimming bureaucracy. gone was the message of you didn't build that, the government helped you. and the government is not the solution to every problem. there were a lot of policies with big government solutions and taking that message alone, is it typical in a state of the union address to have such a jarring new message that you unveil and does that generally get followed by real policy change? >> i guess i would see it as less of a new message after that. if you look at what president obama said in the inaugural about government on the in american society and contrast that with what was said when he was sworn in. that's the problem am you can look at them as book ends. one say statement and the other a response. what was said last night and what the president said as an inaugural. >> that's interesting as book ends. i think you are right about that. i wonder if you can compare the boldness. policy agenda that was laid out in the speech last night versus presidents past. one of the criticisms is his age
Feb 15, 2013 12:00pm PST
think they see more government, more spending and they flinch from it. it is a very popular issue. i think it was a smart one for the president to pick. i've heard some theorizing that he may be setting up some kind of a deal on a very popular program that republicans can sign on to. give again, to go back to the question of letting down the base that wants no entitlement cuts, maybe you introduce new things into equation and say we have this great new early childhood education program but we are going to have to do some benefit cuts, chained cpi and it will be kind of some sugar to make the bitter pill go down more easily. i don't know that republicans are there yet. i still think republicans are looking to shrink government. they see perhaps like this and they recoil and they say it's big government and there are better ways to do it. it would be nice to see some agreement on this because these programs do seem to have a lot of empirical evidence of their success behind them. >> the details are sparse on exactly what the program would entail but it looks like it would be more of th
Feb 11, 2013 12:00pm PST
one area he talked about in the inaugural was his theory of the role of government and didn't really wade in to the budget fights and the immediate things facing the congress and him on the economy. i think what his challenge is is to kind of make an argument to the public that it's really not just about who can cut the deficit more and the debt, who can trim government but what's an overall economic strategy for investing now while imposing fiscal discipline down the road where it's really needed and that's a case he has an opportunity to make with, you know, with millions of people watching. >> so one of the changes for the second term in the white house is that the president's long-time speech writer favreau is gone and as somebody there on the inside, what that transition is like from one speechwriter to another, what that's like for president obama or for any president and also in terms of what we see and what we hear as voters, as americans, is there going to be a slightly different voice for obama because there's a new speechwriter? >> we don't. it's like a favorite tv show an
Feb 14, 2013 12:00pm PST
't have to be the case. when fd founded the social -- we could also just treat it as any other government program. like the military, for instance, we could never talk about the military going bankrupt. we could partially fund it with general revenue, do we even need a broader -- looking beyond just the payroll tax. >> i think that is a great question, steve, and, you know, i really don't know the answer. i do know that the conversations that were happening in and outside of washington on social security have been mostly focusing on benefit cuts and the study shows that they don't want to cut benefits, they know that people rely on them and they would rather increase taxes through their payroll tax. >> i don't know if your study got into this at all. but it's always striking, maybe you can speak to this, when you compare the social insurance benefits we provide in this country t safety net in this country, whether it's social security or other programs and you compare it to other major programs around the world, we're also stingy, aren't we? >> we also have other social benefits, other so
Feb 12, 2013 12:00pm PST
a little bit and end of the day it's reorganizing the government shares. >> well, and a lot of times it's phrased more as a call to action than as actual i'm going to do x and y and z and one that you point out was a promise made. but we talked about this yesterday. who is the speech really for? is this more for members of congress to send a signal to them where his negotiating position is or more for the public to rally them behind the causes that the president cares about? >> before television cameras this was a speech for congress. since television cameras covering the event it's absolutely nothing to do with congress other than an opportunity for the president to lecture or scold members of congress sitting in front of him for the benefit of the public to help the public get angry at congress for what it is or isn't doing. the president in particular used it for that effect over the course of his presidency. >> to that point, the president will announce tonight that half of the troops still in afghanistan coming home. within a year. 34,000 men and women coming home from afghanistan.
Feb 18, 2013 3:00pm EST
message is not that much different from romney's failed assault on big government, but he's not an older white man so maybe this time it will work. but the gop doesn't understand that voters see through the window dressing. they see through the new face pushing old policies. they see through the tupac loving senator whose anti-gay marriage and pro-life and anti-science and pro gun rights and who voted against the violence again women rights. if pac were alive, he would be battling rubio and the rnc.
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)